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I’M BACK, and a little bit about RECONSTRUCTION OF THE MIND⚙️.

Hi all, hope you are doing great.

I received a text from one of my followers about a fortnight ago asking of my whereabouts.”Where was I ?” Good question! Well, I decided to go missing in action for a lil while simply to reconstruct. You know, it’s quite necessary we all get a break from our normal responsibilities.

Speaking of BREAKS and RECONSTRUCTION OF OUR MIND and Body,yes this is quite necessary.Our minds and bodies are like computer processors.They are always coordinating and processing a lot of info and it’s normal at times they suffer burn out and they feel like enough is enough and they can’t work anymore and some little ‘booting’ is necessary to allow them some time to reschedule , cool down and come to terms for better performance.


Work and no play makes Jack a dull dude!

So always be on the lookout not to give much than you can substitute …
Maybe a little vacation, excursion or simply some time away from all the TECHNOLOGY is a good way to spend your time after a series of nagging tasks.

KELVIN… (click to check out previous posts)



The magic behind being a’TOTAL DREAMER’.

Vector stock image

”Being a total dreamer!” sounds quite weird, right?

Just the other day I witnessed something quite interesting…

I was sitting on the couch watching some blockbuster …my Dad had brought home some lottery tickets and there he was, so convinced that he would win the lottery…The conversation began to heat up as mum tried to drive sense into him that one has to be so tactical and used to this kind of lotteries in order to win.

For mum it was inherently impossible to win, but I was amused by Dad’s unshakable faith…He was so firm that no doubt he would win and this kept me thinking ” WOW THIS GUY MUST BE A TOTAL DREAMER🤔!!” and true to his words, the next day the guy comes in dancing! HE HAD WON🤑🤑! Not that much though, but definitely enough to do at least something😊 …

This was a mere illustration of how effective being a total dreamer could be…

I was seeking to find out what was common with almost all the great men known to have ever lived…” Winston Churchill! Martin Luther jr! name them… and you know what was common? THEY ALL HAD A DREAM!

Being a TOTAL DREAMER means having that INVICIBLE and UNWAVERING faith that something you want so badly is already yours…it means: you have a clear and definite mental picture of what you want! It means, you firmly believe that you’ll go over your desires…

Like Nelson Mandela once said:

A winner is a DREAMER who never gives up.

It’s quite true that we all want to be great or successful in one way way or another and at times we struggle too much and find it so difficult to get there.At times we fail because we fail to dream about our desires and only possess misty and vague concepts in what we want to do, to have or to become…

All we need is becoming Total dreamers and dwell upon our MENTAL CRAVINGS with STEADFAST FAITH and UNSHAKABLE PURPOSE and sure it shall come to be!!!

Have you ever been a total dreamer? Did it work for you? I would love to hear…😍



Legend parlor.



Dean Graziosi recently published his amazing book…THE UNDERDOG advantage and some few lines of his own story touched me so profoundly , that I was inspired to write something about my instance of the lowest moment in my life when I felt like a complete underdog myself…

I’m leaning on a Tuscan marble pillar outside our house on a Saturday evening… and like from the old days it’s a barbecue hour🍖 (you know the black culture 🙂

I’m staring at my pa doing his thing on the grill♨️…He’s tactically and comfortably adding BBQ sauce like he ain’t got problems in life..

I’m so bitter from within, for some reason… simply because my life is in a complete mess.

I’m so stressed out that, I can see the specks of smoke from the grill rising bit by bit and in my heart I really wish that all my problems could rise and vanish forever like that smoke…

My Pa is whistling and humming some vocal tunes.I find this rather disturbing🔇 but I welcome the noise, as I try to shut out the negative thoughts about my life…

I’m 18 years old then …I’m sitting on a terrazzo floor next to the pillar now…I’m feeling as anxious as hell.

Something is whispering to me that… KELVIN❗ YOU’LL NEVER MAKE IT IN LIFE‼️ IT’S TOO LATE‼️

It was more than clear that I’ll never accomplish my DREAMS...I’d never have a CAREER, a GOOD JOB, a beautiful FAMILY like I had always wished…

It had been a while since both of my parents lost their jobs and all had come to a standstill…

I had worked so hard in school guaranteed I’d join the best college around,only to end up this way!

No degree!No job!No hope!No Family to support me…I was just perplexed…

I had let down my society, my family and moreso myself…
The only hope I had, was only a wish that some angel would come out of the blues and do some miracle…Cause I was in real need of one…

My friends, had joined good colleges and there I was, alone at home.
My social media pages were A No! Go! ZONE! I didn’t wanna see their posts about their cool campus life, back there in college..cause I’d pitty myself even more…

I was truly DEFEATED! and I felt like the truest definition of an underdog…

Memories! Memories!😊… Time is a healer of even the deepest wounds and no situation is permanent …like they say it…I’m all glad that the long moments of so much trauma! Came to an end…

It doesn’t matter how it ended 😊…what matters is that it came to an end and the fact that, that moment shaped who I am today…

So, what’s your story?have you ever felt like an underdog..I would love to hear…share your own story with me…

Merry Christmas..

Inspired by Dean Graziosi…( The Underdog Advantage)

©️©️Kelvin…( Legend parlor )



A DAY IN THE CASTLE OF LOVE AND HATE 🏰(The Lord Egerton’s Castle and the sad story behind it.)

DICLAIMER!! This is so touching 💔 but it’s quite interesting!!! You can’t afford to miss this!!

Love can be so impactful that it moves people’s hearts to build luxurious castles…I visited this place yesterday and the storybehind it is so touching and interesting…

Lord Egerton castle ( front view)

Amidst the thickets of canopy trees and shrubs a few kilometers away from my home lies the magnificent Lord Egerton Castle. Built in 1952 …Love inspired it’s existence… it’s a love story Albeit without a fairy tale ending.

This pinned notes on tree branches and girths at the entrance warning women to stay away from the castle, communicates that some Romeo-Juliet 🙂 story happened here but ended up on a bad note causing so much bitterness…

But,why so much bitterness?? Read ahead…

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The man behind the castle goes by the name Maurice Egerton born into the England Royal Family of Lords ( Barons of Egerton) in 1874.

Portrait of Lord Maurice Egerton.

Marice Worked in the royal Navy until 1920 when his father died where he succeeded him as the 4th Baron of Egerton.. He developed a passion of photography📸 and hunting🦌..which prompted him to travel the world…and this landed him to Kenya

It was during the colonial period and Britain had taken control over Kenya and so Maurice was awarded a huge tract of land (about 21119 acres) as an appreciation for being a good soldier… which he was inspired by the prior settlers to use it for agricultural purpose…


According to the British traditions it was customary as an offspring of a royal family 🤴that maurice marries a girl of the same status👸( either from the Queen’s linage or a princess)…and so did he find this lady whose ancestry descended from Queen Elizabeth


They tied the knot and The Man in Love went ahead to build a four roomed cottage hoping to impress the love of his life…

Maurice went ahead and invited her to see it all the way from ENGLAND🇳🇿 to KENYA🇰🇪…but Disappointingly ,The lady only spent TWO HOURS in the compound and even called it (BIRDS NEST )😞 but that was understandable..cause it wasn’t reasonable to bring a royal Jewel to a mere cottage really?

This prompted Maurice to think of a bigger house befitting the royal status…so, he set on a project to plant a big mansion would prove that indeed he was worthy of her companionship…

That’s when the idea to build a castle (modelled on his families’ back at Tatton Park ,Cheshier) came up… Little did he know he was committing to 😭…

Lord Maurice Egerton broke groud; laid foundation to the castle in 1938…he contracted English architect ( Albert Brown), a cabal of Italian contractors and more than 100 red Indian and Kenyan Laborers…to realise the fancied design….

But the second world war came and he had to go back to britain for a while as he was a navy soldier…but hang on to his love and came back 9 years later to complete his love mission. ..

Noting the time ,,In 1953 probably Kenya was in the middle of nowhere only a single rail ran from coast to coast…Egerton was up for the challenge and Nothing Could Stop Him…

Every bit on that castle was imported 👏👏…right from the rocks and bricks which were from Britain,the stunning tiles from China, sparkling green marbles for fire places were from Italy.imported zinc tiles ardained the roof,polished curved stones line the balcony on two floors and dressed blocked line the fringes…British oak was used to panel the interior,inside walls and stairways …A stunning grand piano with 411 pipes and a cabinet takes the height of two floors…( (The locals said it could be heard 20 km away when he played it😮)),

The Grand piano

The lobby connects to a huge ballroom for high caliber entertainment, meetings and rendezvous…among the 52 rooms are a darkroom he used for photography 📸… guesthouses, kitchens, reading room and other partitions crevice for specific occasions.besides it had a master bedroom,children rooms, alleyways, barricades, artistic lacunas and cloistered venues…the scenery from the balcony is mesmerizing with a clear view of scenic Menengai crater

In his heart he felt like a true king… knowing that his dream was about to become true…he was about to impress the one and only person that brought light to his heart❤️… Love is crazy right ??? 😊 … records show that even his family wealth abroad was at stake…

it had taken him almost 15 years to build it… and definitely he was quite certain that this was it..then


Block by block ,floor by floor the megastructure rose tenaciously emblazoned in breath taking architecture

It was time to summon the woman of his dreams …he sent a letter to England with much enthusiasm…and sure she came..This time on a vintage helicopter… unfortunately the first words she blated out was that:

“The castle is so small and it’s infact resembles a horse stable”😥

Poor Maurice…had taken almost all his adult life and used all his resources to please her..but it turned out this way…

At least she spent that night in her built room…but Maurice was so devastated and heartbroken…all he had done was worth one night stay😡

The lady went back to Austria and married a filmmaker she had met earlier….

It was like the whole world had crumbled over Maurice.This made him so hostile to women and did not allow any women anywhere his castle….His magnificent castle evoked compassionate if not sacred mysogyny for women in it’s pulchritude because of his dreams snub…

To cut the long story short … Maurice died a loner in 1958 …. He died a sad death due to some chest issues…and now remains this statue of pain and betrayal…

A visit to the place left a feeling of so much encouragement that our own stories are just mere… People have gone through difficult situations….what are our own stories compared to this…

HAPPY Holidays!!!!❤️


Castle tour guides

The nation newspaper…..

©️Kelvin.( Legendparlour)



Will you sitting back one day… when it’s time and say it was WORTH IT?

Read this…it’s about my good old shoes…

Today as I packed my old vans for a Christmas donation package I recalled the very day, about a year ago when I matched head high into one of the shoe stores in my town and this enticing,vibrant pair of jewels caught my attention and I recall in my mind I was like “DAMN!! THIS IS WHAT I WAS LOOKING FOR!!!😂” I remember I even had to dig a little bit deep in my pockets
Because the shoes were completely way out of budget..but anyway I felt like it was worth it…
But after a whole year of wear and tear WE’RE THEY REALLY WORTH IT 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️??

Could they now sit back and say “IT’S DONE BRUH!! WE’VE LIVED IT!!!” Or could they have regrets of the way they lived their life and the things they didn’t do??

But After all, had they not faced the Ups and Downs of life like true soldiers… They Kept Up with the brutal Friction
Up the hills🏞️ they hiked and down the beaches🏖️ they walked…They had persevered the distasting rough tarmac and the hot summer sand… They were always there for their master at whatever time he needed them …they were able to keep up with the killer skateboard speed every morning…they were there,to witness the sweetest and darkest of events ..and never did they ever think of quitting… isn’t that living???

The naked truth is,We are getting old day by day and we can’t hide from the fact that WE WILL ALL SOON BE GONE..but the BIG QUESTION is:

Will We Sit Back and smile for the way lived Or Will we regret for the things we didn’t do whereas we had all the CAPABILITY,TIME and RESOURCES to make it happen?

That’s a question only you could answer individually…Make a choice…cause only you can!!

Now help me rest my old shoes in Eternal Peace😄😁😪…by sharing with me how you are planning to touch a heart this Christmas🎡🎠☃️…

Love You All!!!💞🌺

Kelvin Liam.



First I kick off things with this quote from ME that:

Someone pushed to the edge by situations and is at breaking point, is a lethal being and can do anything to get out of the situation in hand

Let’s get this right; the fact is that: There ain’t a worst moment in life, like the moment you are Broke, Rejected,Unhappy, having BIG DREAMS and no means to fulfill them, Being in a relationship that ain’t working and above all being in a hopeless environment at the same time.

From a ❎ loser’s approach❎ This is the moment you really wish that you could die in your sleep to get away from all this problemsbecause, losers are afraid of embracing challanges that come along in life!😲

We ain’t quitters though,so lets take this in a Champion’s approach…

We should embrace nasty situations and get motivated to come up with solutions!🏆 Champions fight and believe that:

Life ain’t about waiting for the storm to pass but it is about dancing in the rain.

It should be our norm that, when we hit rock bottom we must come up with solutions to keep us standing no matter what…🏋️

It is my belief that everyone was born a CHAMPION. No one was born to suffer…Everyone of us got something special inside of us…”it’s only that we need some little perseverance” and embracing of the situations in hand …Even in the darkest of hours when everything seems so nasty…



🤷🏼‍♂️WHO ARE YOU?🤷

Motivation for everyone!💪…


Cliché as it sounds, but this question! Maybe a game changer in your Life!

I walked in an office today and I was in real need to see my uncle who is a bank manager somewhere in town and when I got to the reception, I did the norm… walked straight to the desk and said that I wanted to see Mr so and so, and the lady at the reception asked me the obvious question ” who are you Mr? and how may I help you?” and I was like..”oh I’m Kelvin, and I would like to see the manager” nestling warmly against the desk,swirling my head around in so much confidence with a banana smile on my face😊 waiting for a go- ahead answer.. the unexpected happened..the lady stroke back saying: “no! like I mean, who are you sir?”

FranklyIcouldn’t comprehend whay she was implying..and she noticed it and she tried to make some elaboration signs with her hands to atleast drive the point home and make me understand.. but I couldn’t get it…

I tried thinking of the appropriate words to answer that but interestingly I couldn’t answer that…

it was a complete switch and in my mind I was like..” on a serious note who am I? am I just a teenager like any other, No!or just a normal youngie’ trying to rip off greatness from ths cruel world? No,maybe someone’s son, boyfriend or a guy with great dreams but no means, would do better but Not yet!

my mind suddenly turned out to be a hive of endless thoughts…could be my life be such an enigma?? That was the BIG QUESTION that was breaking balls inside my my brain at that moment…

I pulled back and sat on a wooden office form that was behind me and I tried to figure out who I truly was ..

I tried to give it a thought..what kind of life I’m I living at 18, and what achievements I’ve made so far…and one thing I realized is that Indeed I’m living an enigma life..the typical me trying to convince that I’m okay but the truth of the matter is I’m not okay…and so do many people…

I’m aware that everyone values “GREATNESS” in a different perspective and that’s is okay…but we all got dreams,desires,goals, cravings…thatif I were or if I would”!

And I recall someone saying that Indeed only a few people in the world actually live.. and when of speak of (living).. I mean living their full potential,living their dreams…and that’s why if you were In my situation you wouldn’t answer the same…” Who are you?

“We tend to place ourselves in some comfort zone and assume everything is okay but ain’t okay…we tend to find alternative ways out of problems rather than finding solutions..

and this way it simple for us to think we are just okay whereas we are not.thus living a fake life.

I think in One way or another, we always limit ourselves to something less than we are actually worth…we are so strong💪, blessed🧡, beautiful♥️ and we always got what it takes to be great…but its human nature to ” convince ourselves that we ourselves can’t change or even change the circumstances of our lives”..but thas not true,,we are always blessed with immeasurable power!

It takes a step to actually live a great life.. but you gotta ask yourself this questions…

  • Are you living your full potential?
  • Are you the kind of person who quits on something just at the point of succeeding?
  • Do you blame others for your current living status?

Remember: we are incharge of our lives…if you don’t take care of it,nobody else will…and life too short.

So it’s time to go back to the board and ask yourself…WHO AM I ? is this the real me? and once you answer that you’ll see a cange in Your life.





  • Did you know that the first wheel was invented 5000 years ago?😲
  • Did you know that the inventor of the wheel is anonymous?😲

Do you love HISTORY like I do? 😊 That’s a question for another day… Today I was repairing a puncture and it hit me how the wheel indeed was a turning point in human evolution…

The first wheel was discovered during the bronze age at around 3500 Bc,that is 5500 years ago in Mesopotamia though the inventor is anonymous it is in this place it was particularly discovered…the earliest depiction of the wheel was a (Bronocice pot) that was used for pottery purposes…

the first wheel discovered in Mesopotamia.

It was made of wood with a hole in the core and an axle!

At around 3200 BC …the wheel was slightly improved and it began it’s use in Chariots!

3200 BC Cart.

At around 1000 BC that’s in the 18th CENTURY..the wheel was inproved again …by then the iron rims we’re invented and were used to frame the initial wood pieces..

Iron rims…

1803 BC the wire spokes we’re introduced ..


days passed and modernisation started creeping in..and at around 1845 RW.Thompson..

Rw Thompson inventor of pneumatic tyres..

Invented the( pneumatic tyre)

Pneumatic tyre

It was a bit durable and comfortable at that moment but there was always room for improvement and John Dunlop reinvented the pneumatic tyre and added hard rubber into it to make it even more better and durable..

John Dunlop added hard rubber onto pneumatic tyres!

At around 1885 BC the wheel was introduced to automobile industry and the popular (KARL BENZ )invented the Automobile wheel and then 15 years later (B.F Goodrich company) added CARBON to rubber to make a better tyre!

Karl Benz..inventor of the automobile wheel

1926 BC the steel pokes we’re introduced ..and were used on wheels..that was the onset of use of steel wheels that are used up to date..steel wheels are cheap,easy to manipulate and light.

Steel wheels!

Though Alloy wheels are nowadays preferred to steel wheels since they are more light in weight,attractive , easy to manufacture and Conductive. alloy is made from combining ( magnesium, aluminum and nickel)

Attractive Alloy wheels…in use today.

Alloy wheels vary nowadays in terms of prices, class and features..some of the common alloy wheels in the market are ( big bang Sport) (Heavy Hitters 12)

That’s the history of the wheel…in case you didn’t know:-) now you know…a game changer in man’s evolution indeed…👋

references: Wikipedia, evolution engineeringKlb history!


A MAGICAL SAFARI!! you’ll love it❤️



based on a Safari I embarked on about a week ago and I want to Include You.. to make it more fun in narration. Ready?? ENJOY 💕

We embark on a Safari to this spectacular place in Kenya,Africa known as ‘Samburu’.. ‘Samburu’ is a ‘maa’ word meaning (leather bag) ..We are so lucky to have a strong TOYOTA TOUR VAN That I borrowed from my grandfather😊 it’s a bit old Though…but trust me, without this Strong van we could barely make it in the wild ‘Samburu’ with all the rough terrain and rough ballast roads there...

It is a whole day journey from Kenya’s capital: Nairobi, we head NORTH towards Nothern Western Kenya…You need not to be told we are getting close and close to ‘Samburu‘ as you can notice the buildings and dense settlement slowly fading away…and scanty vegetation slowly dominating…Fatigue is the last thing in our minds, as we are getting obsessed with the beautiful scenery and Changing atmosphere that we can’t help to notice

I look back and see the eagerness painted on your faces…and before you even know it, we are just like 3 hours drive away from our first camping site in samburu…We are so close that we begin seeing some traces of wildlife along the road…we bump into a couple of gazzeles,Impalas and some zebras along the way and I consider to Stop a bit to click some few photos…Cause I am aware you might have only seen this, on documentaries only!!😂😂😂.

Sooner than we know it…we are in the deep velds of Samburu…we cut off from the tarmac Lane into some grass trail…the trail is so rough that I have to engage the FOUR WHEEL GEAR DRIVE😊…Definitely Samburu is devolution-wise forgotten…the place is so far from being called Kenya…the place is in the middle of nowhere…it is difficult to tell where NORTH or SOUTH is, without a magnetic compass…The vegetation is a combination of an expansion of tuft,golden SAVANNAH GRASS and some scattered thorny acacia and baobab trees with swinging baboons on them seriously feasting on the baobab seeds…

As we head to our camp which is 2 kilometers away our Jeep just passes under some dark cloud which we are not sure what’s it is..and we take a Stop to look back…and we can’t believe it…We just passed under a huge male GIRAFFE without our consent…and all us can’t believe it!!😂we quickly click a photo of it as it vanishes in the Thorny bush nearby.

Close,in the savanna there are some buffalos grazing and on the far right a Samburu herdsman is coming towards us with a huge herd of grazing cattle..we greet one another “HEY” in Swahili language’ “JAMBO”🤗… and all of you are happy to learn atleast a Swahili word for hey..’jambo’

He gives as the direction to the village which is our Camp…and then we head straight and make a short sudden halt to allow some wilderbeests to cross the trail

straight ahead we can see a cluster of two villages… surrounded by a lawn of Thorny branches…we can hear a Melody of a welcoming Song… that definitely is the awesome Samburu community… as we get close the Melody becomes louder and louder and all our fatigue is gone😊…We enter the gates of the village and guess what meets our eyes!!! a crowd of friendly, colourful,happy, accommodating Samburu people… singing a sweet welcome song… upon Our arrival…this is a memorable sight to keep forever…their hair is dyed red with red orche soil, their bodies are covered with creative, beaded accessories that you can’t help to own..their feet are covered with simple sandals known as ‘Akaras’ made from recycled car tyres…

We are welcomed with some gourded sour goat milk…which Cico lady first😊 hesitates to drink..but finally does😊…it leave such a good taste on the throught… Since it is well made with some natural sweetners

We are then show into our rooms ‘ manyattas‘ which are amazing too…they are made of mud,mixed with cowdung and sticks…inside they are so spacious…it is an experience out of this world…Outside is a warm,wavy borne- fire ..outside the lawn are huge blows of elephant trumpets and scary wild sounds😲😲…but knowing we are in the hands of skillful Samburu warriors gives us some courage…we take rest through that night…

The next morning we wake up to the fresh unpolluted air of the wild Samburu…there are sounds of birds, and many animals in the air…we quickly take our breakfast which is a perfect dish of Soft goat meat,sour milk… and some Herbs.Afterwards I rash to up to the car and check if everything is alright…and now we are set to go for a game drive… To Our amusement it dawns to us that wild animals here just roam around People’s homesteads without any conflicts between them… Even The endangered Elephants 🐘 and rhinos🦏… a complete big up to the Samburu people for they despise Poaching… quite an epitome to pick up from,,right??The scenery of Samburu is so breath taking…

We take the whole day exploring the magical Samburu... viewing all the species some of which you’ve never seen before like the (ALBINO giraffe,black leopard and the rare WHITE RHINO)

we also get to learn more about the culture of the Samburu people which is fascinating as well…we get bonded to this place that some of you like Saania , da- AL and Jyoti (nature lovers 😁) don’t want to leave this place anytime soon…we stop by some CRAFTS SHOP and we buy some nice accessories

All these look good on us… surely Samburu craftsmen are aces at what they do… afterwards we drive off to a local hotel located on one of the cliffs and we have our meal to break the fast…we have some African sausage and some barbecue.. hmm my favorite 😋😋😋.( Diane’s is so Keen to learn the Recipe 😀)

Now it’s already twilight …we drive to the cliffs to view the sunset…and it is an unforgettable scene as well…we click some photos of it as well….

We head back to our camp…and take some rest as we await the next day to put an end to our amazing Safari… finally it’s dawn an we can’t believe it our Safari has come to an end we take a few pictures with some locals and we had straight back….and now here we are….I only have one question in mind now!!! DID YOU ENJOY THE SAFARI?? I would love to hear from you…



Most of you find it rather obvious having public means of transport just a call away( you know UBER and TAXIS)or at your door step…
Back in my village this was not the case…there were only 2 MATATUS,for public transport…

with the huge population this became so hectic to have a ride to the CITY…
TO have a chance to travel to the city ( which mark you, was just 100 km away),you had to book the bus like a month earlier….or pay a substantial amount of money… between , they we’re not even availabe all the time…you had to wake up at 3o’clock in the morning, to catch up with the bus which came gate to gate… infact some people only heard of the city but never set foot in it …life was so unbearable, dreary and forlorn…but one day a new Dawn came when the government launched some flexible,swift means…like this one.

It was a dream come true…


Definitely everyone of us is always eager to hear about this Rich Haven of culture , AFRICA.first from a true gives quite a good fascination, learning how we actually strive back here in Africa..with all the remoteness and not so good exposure to civilisation … having grown up and raised here I have alot to share trust me.You will.learn alot..Today I begin with the.


THE maasai community is one among the 42 tribes in Kenya.They are among the few tribes which have maintained their tradit ions to date..they live in the remote Savannah Velds of southern Kenya. Brevity is their key character….I lived not so far from them…The men are a good combination:(tall,dark,handsome and brave) yeah🤩…They live in houses known as ‘manyattas‘ which are built buy women…they are made from mud and sticks. Like this one… .They are known for their huge herds of cattle which is their key symbol of wealth…They are polygomous man can marry up to5 wives.. dowry is paid using cattle…
Being bonded to their traditions a massaii boy is supposed to kill a lion to show his brevity…Quite breath taking right????

Massaii outfits and accessories are known for their beauty…they are so awesome…you can ask me for one…

Though with all their awesomeness they are still accustomed to some wild evil practice(FEMALE GENITAL MUTILATION) something that the government is trying to stop…but the progress is so far good…
Living around this warm , accommodating community is a feeling out of this world…you can plan to tour this areas…they are so generous…they may not be so civlized but they know how to share and live in peace,love and harmony… quite a good community indeed the next episode to learn more..

Please remember to follow my blog for more updates thank you…


5 WEIRD MEANS OF TRANSPORT. Which one do you like


The Shoe car..😊
It’s creative but it’s super weired…Will you wear or drive the shoe…? first glimpse of this will give an impression of a crazy man…you can’t imagine you driving and your family at the backseat…

No2.The Avocado car.

🤣This definitely belongs to a food lover,mostly avocados…Maybe it’s his way of showing his love for avocados ..super weird isn’t it?


Seriously..This I would call it torture…a dog should be your pet…not your helper moreso in difficult tasks… I think the owner is LAZY an just WEIRD..


This so creative …if you don’t have money to buy one then you improvise one..big up to this guy who made tis one👍….


I guess only the strong one succeededs to move the bicycle… otherwise I guess it’s more of a workout staff…cause it makes no sense to me .I mean when will you ever move… quite weird 😯


Definitely every driver and any car user looks forward to Safety and comfortableness during rides ..take a look at this features of the 2020 Toyota corolla.
This a feature that brings awareness to the uses a forward facing intelligent camera that detects road signs and then alerts the driver.

feature helps the driver to see well at night, without distracting other motorists.(head camera detects headlights of oncoming vehicles and now regulating the beam of light..

This feature detects objedts e.g pedestrians,vehicles and cyclistsin certain situations,it combines a radar with camera that recognizes body shape hence warning driver of possible Collision s and if intanr breakes are not applied it takes the role and regulates the speed thus preventing accidents.

This feature gives audio and visual warning on the duspldi screen..if the system detects the driver is steering in the wrong direction,it iniares corrective steering to keep the car in the lane..

This feature Lets you drive at present uses vehicle to vehicle distance and regulates speed when distance is too close.

These are really amazing features…don’t you think so..?if you are looking to ride 2020 in style then the new toyota corolla isis t right car for you…
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If you want to save money then you definitely need to buy a used car rather than a new one…if that’s the case then how do you know which one suits you… This guide will help you to know the basic things you ought to look out for before you buy a used car…

Let’s begin….

A magnet..this is to check for any corrosion repairs
A piece of cloth…to check engine oil
A USB cable…to check the audio system.
This is where you begin your inspection..
#1 first you take a physical walk around and look at the general appearance of the car, are there any RUST SPOTS ,this is an indication that components below could be rusted too making the car unsafe…please avoid the car if that’s the case.

#2 Check out for Engine problems– first Cold start the car if you hear a RATTLING SOUND and a Blue/white smoke is produced (as seen in image below).. this is an indication that the engine has problems please avoidsuch cars..
#3 Check inside the car
Are the entities generally worn out or does it smell,are the chairs dirty,re rememb odours inside the car are difficult to get rid avoid such cars..
–*Check out if there are any warning lights staying on..
–*check if the SRS (airbag)is on,it is normally expensive to repair.
–*check the Forward sensing Camera (radar), AT transmission,4WD
warning lights.

–* Press the Brake pedal, does it feel spongy or does it go down too far.
–*Do you feel any resistance during changing of shifts eg from,(drive to park)
#4 Look at reflection from the side,it should be uniform as seen in picture below…it helps to indicate whether it has suffered any previousrepairs.
#5 Check Manufacture date on the VIN Sticker.
#6Look out for any dents,scratches and damages on the windscreen.
#7Check Headlights and taillights ..are they foggy,do they have moisture.HID lamps are too expensive to repair.
#8 Check rims and tyers…alloy rims normally bend after rough encounters..
–*Tyers-are they worn out,do they have cuts or damages..are they even?You can check Tyre manufacture dates…

Focus on the Interior
#1 check
If the both remote fobs are working…
#2 Check condition of seats….do they have burn marks and other damages.Check if foreseats are side by side and recline,are they loose,chair repairs could be expensive.
#3 Check power windows and door locks and accessories..
#4 Check Test wipers and washer functions.
#5 Test rear view Camera are they blurred or distorted.
#6 Test the heater and air conditioning …with engine running turn A/c on you should feel cold air running.Does heater provide a good heater.
#7Check Boot/trunk..does it contain all spare tools.that are in good condition…
Turn off the engine..look if there any LEAKS,burnt oil or antifreeze smell..
#.CATION!! Simply because the engine is shiny doesn’t mean it’s in good condition.. dealers often shampoo the engine to make it look new.
# Look for leaks underneath …only water should be dripping
# Corroded battery terminals show that the car has not been regularly
#8Check engine oil level and condition of engine…to do this..first turn off engine and apply parking break …look at the Dripstick…if oil is dirty…it shows that oil level is low, poorly maintained or consume oil..Black deep colour shows that engine is in bad condition…
Lastly check the tranmtransmi fluid using a white paper or cloth…it should be clear and transparent..
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Is “what’s straight from the heart” genuine?

Howdy beautiful people? I think I nailed it right at the head by choosing this particular Title for this post! Albeit, I really sweated it out finding the right title,but all the same I am glad I finally did find it !

You see, lately I have found myself in really nerve-racking situations, both in my personal life and at work settings too, where, I am prompted to evaluate situations and make difficult decisions all by myself.Well,this is the case for all of us I guess!
We tend to ask ourselves whether to follow what we think in our minds🌞 or what hails from deep within our hearts.♥️A few days ago, I was stuck in a deep mess of thoughts and feelings about something that in my mind was not in any way correct , but on the other hand,quite compelling in my heart that it really did get me in a secret state of Complacency.
I think you know what I did! yes! I allowed my heart to take over, neglecting what the mind had to suggest and afterwards It dawned on me that it was worthwhile to follow my heart!Look,I think we always and we should always base our decisions on what brings happiness or “secret joy” to us!
But again we shouldn’t turn a blind eye to what our mind suggests too.
So,I think the right way to always go about it could be summarized by simply : (ALLOWING OUR HEARTS TO TAKE THE LEAD WHILST, CONSULTING OUR MINDS.)🤔This is a hack that I can gladly say has proven to be working at whatever dilemma I am in…Has anyone tried this before?
What are your thoughts on this?
Feel free to give it a shot and to drop your thoughts on this too…Thank you for reading
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