The magic behind being a’TOTAL DREAMER’.

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”Being a total dreamer!” sounds quite weird, right?

Just the other day I witnessed something quite interesting…

I was sitting on the couch watching some blockbuster …my Dad had brought home some lottery tickets and there he was, so convinced that he would win the lottery…The conversation began to heat up as mum tried to drive sense into him that one has to be so tactical and used to this kind of lotteries in order to win.

For mum it was inherently impossible to win, but I was amused by Dad’s unshakable faith…He was so firm that no doubt he would win and this kept me thinking ” WOW THIS GUY MUST BE A TOTAL DREAMER🤔!!” and true to his words, the next day the guy comes in dancing! HE HAD WON🤑🤑! Not that much though, but definitely enough to do at least something😊 …

This was a mere illustration of how effective being a total dreamer could be…

I was seeking to find out what was common with almost all the great men known to have ever lived…” Winston Churchill! Martin Luther jr! name them… and you know what was common? THEY ALL HAD A DREAM!

Being a TOTAL DREAMER means having that INVICIBLE and UNWAVERING faith that something you want so badly is already yours…it means: you have a clear and definite mental picture of what you want! It means, you firmly believe that you’ll go over your desires…

Like Nelson Mandela once said:

A winner is a DREAMER who never gives up.

It’s quite true that we all want to be great or successful in one way way or another and at times we struggle too much and find it so difficult to get there.At times we fail because we fail to dream about our desires and only possess misty and vague concepts in what we want to do, to have or to become…

All we need is becoming Total dreamers and dwell upon our MENTAL CRAVINGS with STEADFAST FAITH and UNSHAKABLE PURPOSE and sure it shall come to be!!!

Have you ever been a total dreamer? Did it work for you? I would love to hear…😍



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On the slopes of the scenic ABADARE RANGES, in Central -Kenya.. just at the break of the 21st century, this 'KIKUYU' warrior is born of the first and last wife of the 11th son of the 'Kariri's'.... Strives through the beautiful valleys of the Abadares till 11 when the family shifts to the Kenyan Capital,Nairobi, for search of greener goes on and this warrior becomes a young man,thrives through the harshest African high school life...but gets a direct pass to university...the guy hangs on to his dream...rolls up his sleeves to rip off greatness from This cruel world... turning heads here and there .. Oh,Kelvin is a good cook.and a NATURE LOVER..spends most of his free time HIKING, CAMPING and PLANTING TREES...

12 thoughts on “The magic behind being a’TOTAL DREAMER’.

  1. I think the best dreams are the ones that I work toward. I’m too pessimistic about chance sort of stuff like lottery tickets lol many congrats to your dad. I hope he bought something nice for the family 🙂

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